Gala Events

Mosaic Event management has 15 years of successful Charity event management experience. Mosaic is an excellent partner for not-for-profit organizations hoping to build their profile and raise funds in Switzerland


Every successful Gala evening hinges upon the enthusiasm and dedication of the event committee. There is no substitute for a well managed and motivated committee and Mosaic brings structure and organization to an environment full of personality and wide ranging ideas. Mosaic channels this energy into constructive and effective results making this an enjoyable and rewarding experience for the members.

Auctions and Tombolas

Fund raising is an art that requires attention to a myriad of details and none is more important than building an attractive range of auction items, whether art objects, jewelry or extraordinary experiences. Mosaic draws upon years of working with top brands and sponsors to help build up this key aspect of your event.


Mosaic Event management will work with you to find willing sponsors to help you keep your event costs to the absolute minimum.


Charity event administration can never be underestimated and starts well before and an event and continues well after. Mosaic brings essential administrative experience to the event, helping to manage risk, safeguard the Charity’s reputation and donor good will.